The National Enquirer‘s Keep Regis Campaign moved to the high seas as Live stars Regis Philbin and Kelly Ripa feuded aboard a cruise ship.

Supporters of our Keep Regis Campaign were among the 1,000 Live fans invited to join the pair for the five-day cruise televised on the show in June. “And it was anything but smooth sailing,” said a show insider.

“There was a battle behind the scenes over who was going to get the best cabin. Reege ended up with the second-best aboard the Pride of America because Kelly took the best-placed penthouse.”

Regis was given a cabin on the right — or starboard side — of the 921-foot vessel.

The Navy vet, 73, knows the starboard side is second best on an outward journey because the port or — left side — is protected from the sun.

The insider said cabins were assigned by show bosses who, as our readers know, are scheming to replace Regis with a man closer to 34-year-old Kelly’s age. Survivor host Jeff Probst, 43, is said to be gunning for his job.

We recently reported that Regis is seeking a new four-year deal worth $60 million.

Bad blood was evident even before Regis and Kelly stepped aboard. Kelly was quoted saying of Reege: “He’s hoping I’ll throw up, preferably on-air.”

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