Rear ended! Kim K’s Magic Butt Mystery

Rear ended! Kim K’s Magic Butt Mystery thumbnail

NO wonder Kim Kardashian is the butt of so many jokes!

New photos of Kanye West’s “bootylicious” baby mama, arriving at an L.A. hotel on Feb. 10, show her rear-end all but bursting at the seams of her tan pants. But it’s entirely possible that the cheeky reality star may once again be padding her assets.

In our Nov. 21, 2011 issue, insiders said the curvy beauty used “booty pads” to enhance her prized posterior.

The ENQUIRER revealed that ex-hubby Kris Humphries had even shot a video of her using them. Other snapshots show the Ups and Downs of Kim's end zone.

On Aug. 17, 2011 at a Hollywood party, Kim flaunted her rump in a leopard print outfit. She denied using silicone injections or butt implants and insisted: “It’s all real.”

An ass-tounding May 17, 2012 photo shows her at the FiFi Fragrance Awards in London. Kim, who’d started dating Kanye by then, had slimmed down the rear that ex-pal Paris Hilton once called “cottage cheese stuffed in a trash bag.”

Whether it’s padding or fat injec­tions there’s no butts about it – Kim is living LARGE.

Or maybe she’s just a fat ass.