THE troubled hubby of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” star Teresa Giudice is facing a hefty jail sentence, and he’s already planning on becoming a REEL celebrity convict!

Sources say Joe Giudice, who could be tossed in the slammer for more than 10 years, is scrambling to set upa reality show behind bars.

“The show would focus on Joe’s day-to-day life in prison,” said a pal.

“It would follow him as he comes to grips with being stripped of his freedom and interacting with other inmates.”

The beleaguered businessman’s legal woes date back to December

2011, when a grand jury in Passaic County, N.J., handed down a twocount indictment against him for allegedly obtaining a fraudulent  driver’s license using his brother’s name.

Giudice, 43, faces 10 years behind bars for the first count – wrongfully

using identifying information of another person. The second count, impersonation, is punishable by up to 18 months. His trial is set to start July 15, and prosecutors are confident Giudice will be convicted.

“We have enough evidence in this case beyond a reasonable doubt to prove guilt,” Jay W. McCann, Passaic County chief assistant prosecutor, told The ENQUIRER.

But sources say Giudice, a former developer who was forced to file for bankruptcy along with his wife, isn’t even waiting for his trial to start to make plans for the new reality show.

“Joe has already spoken to producers who’ve said they believe they could work out an arrangement to film at a New Jersey state prison,” said another source.

“Joe wants the show to be a ‘Housewives’ spinoff on Bravo so he could include scenes of Teresa and maybe even other cast members visiting him. Filming would also make doing his time a little easier. It would break up the daily routine and give him something to look forward to.”

The father of four has apparently already started outlining possible plotlines for his proposed “Joe-inthe-joint” series.

“He’s got a cafeteria scene, a visitors’ room scene, plus scenes from the exercise yard and in his cell,” said the source. “Joe envisions himself sitting around with his posse and dispensing advice like the godfather. And if Joe is convicted, he wants to fire his lawyer in the opening scene.”

Nationally syndicated media critic Bill Mann believes Giudice’s pitch has merit.

“If Joe’s plan makes it to TV, it could really take off,” Mann told The ENQUIRER. “There have been lots of prison shows, but by mixing the popular ‘Real Housewives’ franchise with a look at one of its characters behind bars, it adds a whole different element of drama.”

There’s just one problem.

“I’m sure Joe’s wife Teresa wouldn’t be happy about him stealing the limelight from her,” added Mann. “She’s accustomed to being the star in the family.”