War has erupted behind the scenes of the hit reality show “The Real Housewives of Orange County.” The fighting began after busty housewife Lauri Waring kicked her teen son Josh out of the house and he moved in with Lauri’s boyfriend’s ex-wife!

Fans of Bravo TV’s hour-long docu-series about five wealthy families have learned that Lauri’s son Josh, 18, was sent to rehab for behavioral and substance abuse problems. But fans don’t know that mother and son have been clashing bitterly since his release.

“She’s a different person,” says Josh about his mom Lauri.

“I don’t know if the show went to her head, or what.”

When Josh was sprung from rehab, Lauri – who had moved in with millionaire developer George Peterson – allowed Josh to stay rent-free in her townhouse and use her car, providing he did not have parties.

Lauri says she kicked out Josh after discovering nine people in the home. But Josh insists only six people were there – and insists that there were no drugs or alcohol.

According to Josh, Lauri kicked him out with no clothes and no car. Without transportation, he says he was forced to drop out of college.

Despite Lauri’s objections, Josh moved in with Gina – the ex-wife of Lauri’s boyfriend George.

Now George has leaped into the fray – reportedly taking legal action to boot both Josh and Gina out of the home they share. George co-owns the home with Gina.