Lawsuit claims family drained JACQUELINE LAURITA’s “bid-ness” to support high on the hog lifestyle, The ENQUIRER has learned.

 “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star Jacqueline Laurita has been blasting fellow castmate Teresa Giudice for her financial woes, but it looks like Jacqueline’s got some money troubles of her own!

On top of a $25 million bank­ruptcy filing in 2009, Jacqueline is now facing a multimillion-dollar lawsuit.

In court documents obtained by The ENQUIRER, Jacqueline, her husband Chris and Chris’ brother Joseph are accused of draining their former clothing company, Signature Apparel, of more than $7 million to support their lavish life­styles.

The lawsuit, which was filed in November 2010, says they spent nearly $2 million on credit card bills and hundreds of thou­sands for travel expenses.

But Jacqueline’s mon­ey problems haven’t stopped her from criticiz­ing former pal Teresa on Twitter.

On Oct. 19, she accused Teresa of selling “fake stories” to the press and continuing to spend recklessly. She also tweeted that Teresa was laughing “at beat­ing the [bankruptcy].”

Now insiders are calling Jacque­line a hypocrite.

“Jacqueline has been in disbelief about Teresa’s financial troubles over the past few years,” revealed one insider. “She was making jokes and shaking her head when the group took family trips togeth­er and Teresa was constantly shopping.

“But all the while, she and Chris were appar­ently ‘borrowing’ money from the family business to pay for their extravagant  lifestyle.”