KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN has rejected baby daddy SCOTT DISICK’s proposals a whopping FOUR times – and mom KRIS JENNER is to blame.

Source say Kris is dead-set against letting hard-partying Scott anywhere near the family fortune, say sources.

But a showdown is brewing because the 29-year-old businessman is digging in his heels and demanding Kourtney tie the knot in a splashy televised wedding ceremony.

Now that there’s a second child for Scott and Kourtney, he’s ready to make a change.

“Scott doesn’t want to raise another baby as an unmarried couple so he’s putting the heat on Kourtney to marry him soon,” says an insider.

But  Kourtney won’t bow to Scott’s wedding pressure.

“Since she found out she’s pregnant, Scott has proposed four times – most recently in May with a $60,000, two-carat diamond engagement ring.

“Yet again, Kourtney said no and told him that her mom would disown her if she accepted.”

Kris has cast herself as the anti-Cupid. The fierce brain trust behind the family’s fortune takes a 10 percent management fee for running the empire, which brought in a staggering $65 million in 2010 alone.

“Plain and simple, Kris doesn’t trust Scott,” divulged the insider. “She doesn’t want him to have any access to the family fortune.”

Scott and his family have a sordid past that worries Kris. His dad Jeffrey and mom Bonnie had nearly $400,000 in liens and judgments against them. Jeffrey served time for stealing $3,000 from a bank.

Scott himself fell out with the Kardashians early on for his heavy boozing and for cheating on Kourtney.

What’s more, he once pitched a reality show – featuring himself, Kourtney and their son Mason – without their mom-ager's consent, according to the insider.

“Now he’s looking for a windfall from a big reality TV wedding,” the insider said.

“He’s always trying to work a moneymaking scheme. But for the foreseeable future, Kourtney prefers to keep their assets separate.”