Rachael Ray’s publicist Charlie Dougiello appears to be completely lacking in "people" skills when it comes to dealing with The ENQUIRER!

We approached Dougiello on July 10 for a comment regarding our story about Rachael’s recent cancer scare surgery. Although the story was not yet reported, he told us "the story’s out" and later offered a "no comment."

But THEN he speed-dialed his pals at People magazine and gave them OUR scoop. Within minutes, without anything resembling original reporting, the celebrity-friendly magazine rushed an "exclusive" story about Rachael’s health drama onto its Web site – taking Dougiello’s version of events as the truth.

"After several months of vocal cord therapy and on the advice of her doctors, Rachael decided to have a benign cyst removed from her vocal cord," Dougiello told People.

"According to Rachael’s doctors, the minor, noninvasive procedure was a success, and she is already resting at home."

But that’s not the REAL story behind Rachael’s surgery, according to our sources. And it’s not the first time Dougiello has run to the competition with OUR story!

He did the very same thing last year when we asked him to comment on our sources’ exclusive info that Rachael needed surgery on her vocal cord to have a growth removed.

At that time, he once again gave us a "no comment" and then wormed his way over to the competition with our story. They ran with it at face value, without a single phone call of reporting.

At this rate, Charlie Dougiello should be collecting two paychecks – one from Rachael and the other from People! He’s certainly making their jobs much easier!

If you want the TRUTH about what’s going on with your favorite celebrities – without the spin from a bumblicist like this one – you’ll find it only in The ENQUIRER!