Rambunctious Honey Boo Boo In Hot Water

Rambunctious Honey Boo Boo In Hot Water thumbnail
Redneck munchkin HONEY BOO BOO ignites conflagration of controversy and now she’s on the hot seat of ire.
Here Comes Honey Boo Boo star Alama Thompson famously said she’ll “holla for a dolla,” but after the eight-year-old reportedly acted like “a monster” during a recent TV appearance, and now fed-up fans are making demanding TLC cancel the show!
Thompson allegedly shocked the audience during a taping of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon when she “struck” her mother, Mamma June, exhibiting out of control TV guest behavior. 
After the show aired, disgusted fans aired their discontent online.
 “Just watched #honeybooboo on @jimmyfallon, the child is so rude,” @Bigcityskatepar wrote. “Felt sorry for Jimmy. Did a good job keeping his cool. #cancelhoneybooboo”
User @MissPattyA wrote, “@HoneyBooBoo needs [to be] taken off the air, world’s dumbest show!”
User @Aaliyah_R agreed, “#honeybooboo should be taken off the air…”
And @fozzey12 wrote, “@HoneyBooBoo @TLC … This stupid show needs to be CANCELLED!”
And yet, “reality” shows court  PR “controversy” to bump ratings. Mission accomplished.