Rags Of Honor: Changing The World One T-Shirt At A Time

Rags Of Honor: Changing The World One T-Shirt At A Time thumbnail

The America Dream still LIVES! “Rags of Honor” — the clothing company that helps homeless vets!

Heartbroken at the plight of America’s homeless veterans Mark Doyle hit upon a brilliant idea to help them.

After returning to the U.S. from a civilian auditing job in Afghanistan, Mark was shocked at the plight of so many of our war heroes.

Many were living in homeless shelters, unemployed or suffering medical and mental problems from their combat tours — while the nation was spending $1 billion a month on Afghan forces. To lend a hand, Mark stitched together a unique idea – shirts!

“I decided to change the world, one T-shirt at a time,” he told The ENQUIRER. “We have 2,100 homeless veterans in Chicago alone. I know I can’t change the world, but if I could change the lives of six to 12 veterans, I knew I should do it.”

Today, Mark’s company, Rags of Honor, employs nine, once-homeless veterans in the Windy City working on silk-screening T-shirts, long-sleeved shirts and hoodies.

While rebuilding their lives, the vets earn $12 an hour. The company has produced a remarkable 15,000 shirts in its first nine months. “I started the business in my car,” said Mark. “I went door-to-door, hunting up business. It worked. Today we’ve got a 2,000-square-foot building.”

Business is doing so well that the entrepreneur is planning to hire three more vets!

Although his company takes contracts for many types of shirts, Mark takes special pride in his red, white and blue Rags of Honor line, bearing such slogans as “Wear it like a badge.”

Mark’s pet peeve: American and Afghan military clothing made in China!

“I’m sick and tired of veterans  not being able to find work, and I’m sick and tired of not being able to buy American,” he fumed. “All of our shirts are manufactured in North Carolina and California. It’s a matter of pride.

 “We don’t just sell shirts by the hundreds or thousands – today, we’re getting emails from people all over the country who want to buy two or three of our Rags of Honor shirts, and we’re happy to sell them.

“We will donate part of our proceeds to veterans organizations that share our mission of helping those who served our country and have fallen on hard times.”

TO ORDER A T-SHIRT CALL NOW 1-800-946-6053 or www.ragsofhonorpromo.com