Don’t back RACHAEL RAY into a corner with a knife – she may stick you between the ribs if the TV chef has her way!

TV celebrity-chef Rachael Ray dreams of being an action hero who slices and dices villains on the big screen!

“I’ve had a recurring dream my whole life that I get into a bar fight,” the bubbly host of the syndicated “Rachael Ray Show” told a reporter.

“I start breaking pool sticks and I beat everyone up in the bar. That’s kind of creepy and I don’t understand it, but apparently I want to be in an action movie!”

AT 43, Rachael has already amassed an estimated $60 million fortune through her media empire of cookbooks, cooking programs, kitchenware and more.

“Ever since she was a little girl, Rachael has always fought hard to excel at everything,” said a source close to the kitchen magician, who’s married to rock musician/lawyer John Cusimano.

“I have no doubt that she’d make a great movie star, and despite what she said about pool cues, I think a film director will more likely play up the fact that she’s a master with a knife. We’ve all been joking that Rachael could be in the next James Bond movie, using her knife skills to chop up bad guys.

“Her only problem will be finding the time to fit in a movie career with everything else on her schedule. Rachael is doing a terrific job juggling it all at the moment. I just hope she isn’t piling too much on her plate!”