On a sped-up edition of American Idol Paula Abdul eerily judged Jason’s Castro‘s second song before he even had a chance to sing it!

The unusually chaotic Idol had confounded contestants singing two Neil Diamond songs each before judging.

The change in format allowed a visibly flustered Abdul to peer into the future.

"We’ve never had to write down these things -uh – fast enough," she stammered as she offered faint praise about Jason Castro’s first song  and then looking at some crumpled notes, denounced his second perf which he hadn’t even sung!

As fellow Idol-ators did an electric boogaloo, Paula realized she’d screwed up and then promptly covered up her mishap — by praising David Cook!

Paula’s double bogie sent bloggers and conspiracy buffs racing to keyboard – all asking the same, incredulous query: is American Idol fixed?