Wild man, guitarist and gun enthusiast Ted Nugent has offered to protect former Beatle Paul McCartney from extremists.

McCartney has received death threats from terrorists after announcing a holy land concert in celebration of Israel’s 60th birthday.

"I’m Dirty Harry with a ponytail, and I’m at Paul’s service," Nugent said in a statement.

"Regardless that Paul and I have our obvious social, cultural, and culinary differences outside of music.  I will not bend or waiver to voodoo religious whack jobs and neither should Paul."

The hard rocking Nugent who’s Cat Scratch Fever once topped the charts then offered, "It would be my pleasure to keep this legendary musical hero safe from terrorists and madmen, and then buy him a nice dinner of tofu." 

McCartney is a long time devout vegetarian while Nugent, a card carrying NRA member, eats the animals he hunts and kills.

There has been no response from neither McCartney nor the death-threat extremists.