John Edwards, Andrew Young, Rielle Hunter
John Edwards, Andrew Young, Rielle Hunter

Federal prosecutors investigating disgraced 2 time Presidential loser JOHN  EDWARDS spent hours re-interviewing the former loyalist who pretended to be the father of Edwards' love child and had previously admitted complicity in the cover-up.

Feds grilled Andrew Young again for several hours and are reputedly considered the reliability of their star witness in the case against former Senator John Edwards for alleged misuse of presidential campaign funds to by a conspiracy of silence about his love child with mistress Rielle Hunter and the paternity of their love child, Frances Quinn.

As the ENQUIRER reported previously in a series of bombshell exclusive reports, Young is said to have pulled "a John Dean" in his initial testimony (i.e. "covering his ass') before publishing his bestselling tell-all memoir The Politician.

If Young hadn't come clean, he would have been liable for committing perjury and named as a possible co-defendant with Edwards if the investigation ever goes to trial.
AP reported that Andrew Young met with the prosecutors in his attorney's Washington office for more than four hours.
Young was also eyeballed leaving the building's underground garage in a vehicle with a North Carolina license plate registered to his wife, Cheri, at their home in Chapel Hill.

The new Young interview is note worthy because Young had already been questioned by the Federal Grand Jury investigating Edwards in 2009, The Washington Post said.

The Justice Department is considering whether to move forward with an indictment against Edwards and more importantly, Young's testimony is actually strong enough to bring down his former boss or whether it may garner him an indictment as well as an alleged co-conspirator.