Furious O.J. Simpson got so fed up with his daughter Sydney’s hard-partying ways that he ordered her out of his Miami home, forcing her to seek refuge with her grandparents.

Sydney, who had been spending her college break with her father, went cross-country to Dana Point, Calif., the Orange County home of Lou and Juditha Brown, parents of her murdered mom Nicole.

She and her brother Jason lived there during O.J.’s 10-month murder trial in 1995.

Sydney arrived on June 12, the 11th anniversary of the murders of Nicole and her friend Ron Goldman. But she could not face attending a candlelight vigil in honor of her mom at a beach near her grandparents’ home.

As The National Enquirer reported last month, the 58-year-old football legend had a furious showdown with his 19-year-old daughter after discovering a stash of drugs hidden at his home. O.J. was also furious that Sydney hosted a booze-fueled night behind his back.

Her unruly behavior followed months of lectures from O.J. about her less-than-spectacular grades at Boston University, though O.J.’s attorney Yale Galanter denied she was doing poorly.

Galanter also said that any allegations about drug use by Sydney are “totally untrue.”

But Sydney and O.J. reportedly made each other miserable.

The source revealed: “She sleeps all day because she parties all night. When O.J. confronts her, they start shouting at each other. In desperation to get Sydney out of his hair, O.J. asked Juditha Brown if she could stay with her in California.

“She is constantly troubled by her mother’s murder. When people say her dad killed her mom, it sends her over the edge.”

A Brown family insider explained: “O.J. wanted Sydney to get a job but she asked him to support her for the summer. He told her ‘no’ flat out.

“She then yelled at him, ‘You bought your girlfriend fake boobs. But you can’t even support your own blood!’

“O.J. kicked Sydney out and she lived with different friends in the Miami area for a week. She then called Juditha and asked to live with her. The Brown family welcomed her with open arms.”

The move has reportedly calmed Sydney down. The insider told us: “Since Sydney’s been with Nicole’s parents she’s been smiling and happy. She loves L.A. and is spending lots of time with her friends. She’ll be fine as long as she’s away from O.J.”

Another insider said: “For all of his gripes to Sydney about her behavior, the truth is O.J. just doesn’t want Sydney around. He wants to party in Miami’s nightlife and play golf during the day.

“For years, he’s had to sneak his Nicole-look-alike girlfriend Christie Prody in and out of his house when Sydney was not there.

“Sydney has always feared O.J. will one day marry Christie. The very thought of O.J. replacing her mother makes Sydney seethe with anger.”

O.J. tried to keep Sydney from leaving college, ranting at her: “You’re not coming home to sit around and do money. You gotta have your own money!”

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