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Sarah Ferguson Demands Dollars To Dish On Princess Diana

Inside former royal's mercenary deals!

sarah ferguson princess diana death
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Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, is up to her old tricks!

According to reports, Prince Andrew’s ex wants to cash in on her friendship with Princess Diana — bringing up past occasions where Fergie has been accused in the past of using her royal connections to drum up a quick payday!

As the anniversary of Diana’s death approaches in August, Fergie is in demand with the media — but spies said they’ll have to dig deep.

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“Fergie is at the top of all the lists,” a snitch revealed to The National ENQUIRER’s own Rob Shuter.

“But in order to get her to do an interview, she wants cash!

“At a recent taping of a Princess Diana special in a Manhattan hotel, producers were talking about how much money the duchess would want.

“The number batted around was $10,000!”