The controversial PRINCESS DIANA death photo flick at Cannes film fest charges PRINCE PHILLIP is a psychopath and The Royal Family are nothing more than “gangsters in tiaras!”

As The ENQUIRER reported previously the film "Unlawful Killing" depicts the scenario that Princess Diana was murdered by the British establishment and the crime covered up bu the Royals.

An inquest held in 2007, ten years after Diana's 1997 death in a Paris car crash debunked conspiracy theorists, pointing the finger at her inept driver and pursuing vehicles.

But the movie produced by thesp Keith Allen, father of singer Lily Allen, and Mohammed Fayed, father of Diana lover, Dodi, who was also killed has reignited the theories with shocking new claims.

The film has already ignited a conflagration of controversy for showing a photo of Diana in the throes of death seconds after fatal impact.

And now its slams at the UK’s "feudal" monarchy will inflame further Loyalists to the Crown.

While the film was at the Cannes Film festival earlier today, it remains on the fringes of the sellers’ mart and is not in competition for a prize.

Reportedly, the Queen Mum has remained mum on the entire affair.