Quick thinking Prince Harry raced to the aid of a close friend who he overheard being robbed while talking on the phone to him!

In like a scene from a real-life crime drama, a royal spokesman confirmed that the 27-year-old royal was talking to his pal Thomas van Straubenzee as he walked along a street in London.

Harry was mid conversation when he heard a robber take his friend’s BlackBerry and a scuffle.

Prince William's younger brother immediately leapt into his Prince-mobile and traversed the darkened London lanes to find his imperiled pal. reported that when he couldn't, he went to a local police precinct and gave a witness statement.

His friend turned up at the same time, made a safe escape.

Officers said that a cell phone was recovered and a suspect was arrested the following day

Thanks to his military training, Harry responded quickly to the crime crisis.