Suffering CHRISTINA APPLEGATE reveals the traumatic  mood swings that have turned the pregnant Samantha Who? star into an "insane monster".

The 38 year old breast cancer survivor dished on Jimmy Kimmel Live about her cravings, mood swings and "text-book" insanity.

"The psychosis… you kind of go a little cuckoo. Yelling for no reason, it’s almost out of body.

"You’re stepping back from yourself and watching this insane monster in front of you that’s you, and you want to stop her but she’s funny to watch," Applegate admitted.

"I feel okay now. Oh god, I’m like text book right now – I’m like everything you read in the books, I got it all. The cravings, the morning sickness I had for a really long time.

"The morning sickness is so bad!"