COURAGEOUS rock legend Paul Revere is battling deadly brain cancer and friends fear the singing sensation has only months to live, sources say. 

At a summer show in Reno, Nev., the failing 75-year-old star, whose band Paul Revere & the Raiders skyrocketed to fame in 1966 with hits like “Indian Reservation”, “Kicks” and “Just Like Me”, needed a cane to walk. He asked fans to help him with the power of prayer.

“Rather than standing as he usually does, he sat through the performance,” says a source. “At one point, he asked people to pray for him.”

An insider said, “Paul is facing an uphill battle. He survived a long bout with lip cancer and now he’s been hit with brain cancer. “It doesn’t look good. I’m told he’s only got about five months to live.”

The band’s manager, Ron Lemen, wouldn’t conform or deny that Revere has brain cancer. He stated the beloved musician has “been battling some illness, but he’s doing just fine.”

But the group’s former lead vocalist Mark Lindsay, 71, who left the Raiders band in 1975 to go solo, noted on his Internet Facebook page that his “old partner” was “fighting a tremendous health battle” and was going through “a most difficult time.”

Revere took to his own Facebook page on Aug. 15 thanking fans for their love, support and prayers, claiming he’s “feeling better and stronger every day.” “I won’t lie to you, I got my butt kicked but good,” he wrote, adding, “I’ve had just about everything you can get – 2 types of cancer (beat ’em both!)

“It’s been rough getting through the last few shows, but I would do whatever it takes to avoid missing a show.” The band is scheduled to keep on performing through next April including a seven-day 2014 Caribbean cruise, which begins Jan. 18. Revere is vowing to be there.

“I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to all of our upcoming shows, it’s what I live for!” he writes on Facebook. “So, keep the prayers coming, and keep me alive long enough to come to your town a couple more times.”

The insider  divulged, “Paul is a fighter and he wants to prove doctors wrong.”