Fugitive filmmaker Roman Polanski files request to have  sex charges dismissed.

Polanski has filed a request with a judge in Los Angeles requesting child-molestation charges (brought against him by a then 13-year old) be dismissed three decades after he eluded police custody to hide in France.
In 1978  Polanski  was found guilty of statutory rape and fled the country, where he began life anew after the trauma of his wife, Sharon Tate,  being murdered by the Manson Family and his conviction.  He netted the Academy Award for holocaust drama The Pianist (2002).

Polanski’s legal team has now filed suit in LA County Superior Court yesterday based on new revelations in the HBO doc Roman Polanski: Wanted and Desired, that reveals "misconduct and improper communications" between judge and prosecutors and that the charges should be dismissed.

The alleged victim in the sex crime also wants the charges dropped and the director to return home a free man.