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"Her Royal Hotness” PIPPA MIDDLETON party posse dossier!

Like an all femme ep of "Entourage",   Pippa, the  Royal sister-in-law who puts the hot in “hot toddy’ travels with a gaggle of gal pals known as The Pipparettes – with one lone male tag-a-long.

In Pippa’s posse are:
Alice St. John Webster aka Sporty "Fun, outgoing and bubbly," Alice, 29, is a teacher. An integral member of the "Glosse Posse," party polo gang, she's also tight with Alicia Fox-Pitt, big sister Kate Middleton’s BFF from her school daze. She’s said to be fiercely protective of Pippa.

Camilla Campion-Awwad aka Miss Party Girl
Pals claim Camilla, 27, is the last to leave any party. She works for the family’s plastic surgery business and is said have a keen eye for potential future clients and to ward off love-struck Pippa parasites.

George Percy aka The Chappie
George, 26, is the son of the Duke of Northumberland and he roomed with Pippa at the University of Edinburgh.

Despite romantic rumors, they are not coupling although they DID recently jet to Spain for a wild weekend.

It may have been a calculated maneuver to raise the ire of Pippa’s latest beau, Alex Loudon. or perhaps they were shopping for matching thongs.

One never knows what those naughty bawdies might be up to!