PERTRAEUS SCANDAL explodes as key figures linked to JOHN EDWARDS, MONICA LEWINKSY and CASEY ANTHONY  enter the headline making frenzy.

Now that Monica Lewinsky's crisis management expert, Judy Smith, and disgraced politico John Edwards' attorney Wade Lowell, are taking part in the saga, the PI who investigated Casey Anthony has joined the panoply of insatiable newsmakers.

Previously on PETRAEUS Paula Broadwell, whose affair with Gen.Petraeus caused him to resign from his post as the CIA Director last week, was busted after she accused Tampa socialite Jill Kelley of having an illicit relationship with the CIA stud muffin

Kelley went to the FBI who launched the probe and discovered Broadwell's own dalliances.

Kelley’s 20,000 to 30,000 pages of emails to U.S. Army General John Allen and her relationship with him are now under investigation, as well as the two Generals writing letters on behalf of Kelley's twin sister Natalie Khawam to aid in her custody battle, and Kelley has hired the Lewinsky and Edwards' teams to represent her in her time of need, reported.

Meanwhile, Dominic Casey, of D&A Investigations Inc. has been contacted by someone on Khawam’s ex-husband’s legal team to find out exactly what her relationship was with the Generals.

Dominic Casey confirmed that he has been “contacted to investigate Natalie’s relationship with General John Allen, General Petraeus and other high ranking military officials.”

Casey was the investigator hired by Cindy and George Anthony to help find her missing granddaughter Caylee Anthony and he testified in the Casey Anthony trial.

Khawam and her ex-husband Grayson Wolfe have had a nasty divorce and custody battle over their four-year-old son. Both General Petraeus and General Allen wrote letters extolling her virtues to the judge, however she subsequently lost custody of her young son.

A source said a lawyer from Khawam’s ex-husband’s camp contacted Casey, but he refused to confirm this.

The source said: “It is incredible where this investigation might be going. There are a lot of high ranking people who might be brought down over this scandal.”