EASY RIDER star PETER FONDA is cruising toward his third marriage but first he has to divorce wife number two!

The 72-year-old counter­culture icon told The ENQUIRER that he plans to tie the knot with Margaret “Parky” DeVogelaere.

“Parky and I have known each other since 1974. But things just blos­somed for us recently, and we’re getting married in July. I’m in love. She’s my stunning uber-babe!”Fonda gushed to The ENQUIRER.

Fonda shared his happy news after arriving arm-in-arm with Parky, 57, at the Newport Beach Film Festival on April 28.

But the rugged thesp still has some unfinished business before the wedding. He needs to divorce wife No. 2!

Flashing a sapphire engagement ring, Parky said: “We are not offi­cially engaged yet, but once Peter announces he is divorced, which will be very soon, we’ll walk down the aisle!”

The former bad boy – who’s been candid about his past drug use – and first wife Susan Brewer are parents of actress Bridget, 47, and son Justin, 44. He and second wife Portia Rebecca Crockett separated in 2008, but haven’t finalized their divorce.

Since his heyday in the ’60s, Fonda – son of Hollywood legend Henry Fonda and brother of Oscar winner Jane – has starred in independent films such as “Ulee’s Gold” and the upcoming “East Fifth Bliss.”

And he’s letting Parky plan a low-key wedding with family and close friends, according to a source.

“Peter is completely mad about Parky,” the source divulged. “He’s been joking that the only thing standing in the way of the wedding is his wife!”