LA DOLCE VITA sex bomb ANITA EKBERG, now 80, is broke and financially desperate, her accountant reveals!

Ekberg who coupled the words “Swedish” with “bombshell” is best remembered for her fulsome frolicking in Rome's Trevi fountain in the classic Federico Fellini film “La Dolce Vita”.

Ekberg has been living in a care home for the last three months after falling and breaking her leg and now her personal accountant Massimo Morais says she is practically penniless and in dire need of financial help.

Morais has appealed directly to the Federico Fellini Foundation in Rimini for help.  He explained she rock bottom after a robbery at her villa near Rome, where heartless thieves snatched her priceless jewelry and furniture and then her home was nearly lost in a blazing inferno.

 “She would dearly love to go home but the fact is she can't as she does not have the money to restore the house where she lives which was damaged in the fire”, Morais said.

“She also has no family to help look after her and lives on her own. That's why she is asking the Foundation for help.'

The Fellini Foundation was created in 1995 by Maddalena Fellini, the late director's sister, as well as the city of Rimini (Fellini’s hometown) to protect the legacy of Fellini.

After winning the Miss Sweden title Anita conquered Hollywood – and the world –  with more than 20 films insuring her status as an international sex symbol.

Among her many affairs were Errol Flynn, Frank Sinatra and Robert Wagner, who wrote in his memoir, of an “enjoyable one night stand” with the busty superstar.