ROSIE O’DONNELL’s son Parker is so desperate to ditch his “mama’s boy” image, he’s ready to show how tough he is by joining the armed forces.

Sources say the 18-year-old is seriously thinking about attending the prestigious military college The Citadel after high school and it’s making his anti-war mom go nuclear.

“How do you really piss off your really left-wing and peace-loving mother? You join the military,” Rosie, 51, has said. “He’s like, ‘Mother, I’d like to serve the nation.’ I’m like crying, ‘Serve me instead!’ ”

As ENQUIRER readers know, this isn’t the first time Parker has tried to escape Rosie’s dominance.

Two years ago, we reported that he begged Rosie to stop sending him care packages at the high school military academy he currently attends because his fellow recruits were calling him a mama’s boy.

The parcels contained everything from his favorite snacks to warm blankets and even a stuffed toy!

The Citadel, located in Charleston, S.C., is one of six Senior Military Colleges in the U.S. Notable alumni include six governors, three U.S. senators, 12 congressmen, the presidents of 46 colleges and universities and many professional athletes.

While Rosie says on her blog that Parker is still considering other schools, his conservative choices are almost too much for her liberal heart to bear. She quipped: “Only in America!”