Fan fave CHUMLEE on a roll – but t’aint the meat – it’s the matrimony – on his “village idiot” mind!

WEDDING bells may soon ring for Austin “Chumlee’ Russell of real­ity TV’s “Pawn Stars”!

The plus-size star of the hit History Channel show has slimmed down and is thinking of proposing to his drop-dead gorgeous girl­friend Tanya Hyjazi, sources tell The ENQUIRER.

In fact, Chumlee is so smitten with the dark-eyed Lebanese/American beauty that he’s already scanning the scads of diamond sparklers featured in the show’s World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop.

On the show, Chumlee, 31, appears with the pawn shop owners, three generations of the Harrison family.

And despite his bumbling “village idiot” persona, the Big Chum can easily afford to support a wife.

The fan favorite is worth a whopping $5 million – thanks to his $25,000 per episode paycheck and his cut of the show’s merchandise, including bobble-head dolls, medallions and T-shirts.

Meanwhile, Chumlee has shed 75 pounds since Tanya, a chef at a top Las Vegas casino restaurant, began managing his diet.

But just when Chumlee got smaller, Tanya got bigger – thanks to a boob job that the lovestruck star bought for her birthday!

“She was going to pay for it herself, but she works so hard,” Chumlee said. “It liter­ally takes me a couple hours of work to buy a boob job, so why would I make her pay for them? That’s a good birthday present, right?”

Curvy Tanya, 25, flaunted her new figure in a tiny bi­kini while vacationing with a heavily tattooed Chumlee in Hawaii over the holidays.

Chumlee’s decision to lose weight was prompted by his late father, who passed away at age 54 from pancreatic can­cer. Determined to avoid an early death, Chumlee started hitting the gym, knocking back juice smoothies, eat­ing veggies and avoiding red meat, sources say.

But he recently ditched the diet when he celebrated Tanya’s birthday with her at Andiamo’s Italian Steakhouse in Sin City. Chumlee present­ed his dream girl with her very own cake, shaped like a pink Louis Vuitton handbag!