Rumors that PAULA DEEN was more than a little boozy this AM on TODAY ignite the Twit feeds. AND yet…

Everyone’s favorite sassy southern chef appeared on TODAY Friday morning, and her erratic behavior made a lot of folks wonder if maybe she’d been drinking right before taping.

But according to Paula wasn’t boozy she was just woozy – as in “pooped”– from partying the night before.

On the AM chatter Paula pulled out all the stops in a show stopping display of vertical integrated marketing — dancing and blah-blah-blabing about a skunk she thought might have sprayed her before the show, and while she insisted the mojito she downed was “virgin” she STILL made semi-raunchy jokes about cooking “chicken balls.”

But not "South Park" Chef’s favorite – salty balls.

 “She wasn’t drinking on the set,” a source told the gossipy net newswire, adding Paula was simply “really, really tired” after chowing down and boozing at “some food festival” the night before.

Judge not, lest ye down some "virgin mojitos"…

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