PAULA DEEN’s legal troubles are boiling over into her marriage to tugboat captain MICHAEL GROOVER – and it’s starting to look like a recipe for romantic disaster, says a source.

Last year, former employee Lisa Jackson filed a bombshell lawsuit against Paula. She claimed she was subjected to racial and sexual harassment during her five years as general manager of Uncle Bubba’s Seafood & Oyster House – a Savannah restaurant Paula co-owns with her brother, Earl “Bubba” Hiers.

IN court document filed in Georgia’s Chatham County Superior Court, Jackson alleges Paula and Bubba both used the N-word, and that Bubba often referred to Jackson as “my little Jew girl.”

Jackson also claimed that Bubba displayed pornography in the workplace, forcibly tried to kiss her and spit in her face.

Although Paula and Bubba both deny the charges – and claim that Jackson is trying to shake them down for money – the negative publicity is wreaking havoc on her home life, says a source.

“This lawsuit continues to linger over their entire family like a dark cloud, and it’s really beginning to take a toll on Paula’s marriage,” the source explained.

“The case has been a huge embarrassment as well as a financial burden. And the stress has caused a lot of bickering between Paula and Michael.”

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