Feisty TV chef Paula Deen was set to divorce her tugboat captain husband Michael Groover — because of another woman!

And the lady who came between them was his daughter Michelle!

“Michelle couldn’t stand Paula. She was jealous because Paula was getting all her dad’s attention,” said a source.

“She would make horrible comments about Paula all the time, and Paula heard about them. Finally, Paula had enough and was going to call it quits with Michael.”

Michael was divorced and living in Savannah, Ga., with Michelle and his son Anthony when he met Paula about eight years ago. The kids, who were in their late teens, “had a tough time as they saw me fallin’ head over heels in love,” 54-year-old Michael wrote in his book “My Delicious Life with Paula Deen.”

The tension between Paula, 63, and Michelle came to a head at the worst possible time – just before Michael walked down the aisle with his chef du jour in March 2004.

Paula’s show on the Food Network, “Paula’s Home Cooking,” was a huge hit, and producers decided to tape the wedding for a segment on the show. But as the big day approached, Michelle and Paula were at each other’s throats, Michael revealed.

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