EMMY-winning TV chef PAULA DEEN’s sweet Southern grandma image has been shattered by a shockingly obscene video that went viral and could push the humiliated star from the air, say sources.

The 65-year-old cooking maven made the two-minute “blooper” reel to be shown as an introduction to her appearances at live cooking events, but the tour promoters were hor­rified when they saw the stomach-turning, profani­ty-laced tape.

In it, the potty-mouth chef utters some incred­ibly crude remarks and four-letter words while cooking. And in one stunning dis­play of bad taste, she pretends to perform a sex act on a chocolate eclair and then declares: “My ass ain’t pretty no more!”

The vulgar video became a cen­terpiece in a nasty legal battle between the TV chef and her promoters after she dropped out of the 10-city tour. The case was eventually settled out of court, but Deen’s nauseating tape was leaked to the Internet.

“Paula is com­pletely humiliated,” revealed the insider. “She’s an absolute wreck and ready to retire over the whole mor­tifying mess.”

As The ENQUIRER previously reported, Paula came under fire earlier this year when she confessed to hiding her Type 2 dia­betes for years – and only admitted the medical problem when she signed a deal endorsing a diabe­tes drug.

“Paula believes she’s nothing without her fans and feels she’s let them down with her recent lawsuits and scandals,” said the insider. “The fried chicken is coming home to roost, and Paula is so ashamed and stressed out she just wants to crawl under a rock.”