Former Beatle Paul McCartney’s fiancée Heather Mills is so in love with him that she’s willing to risk her life to give him a baby!

That’s the touching story behind recent reports that the couple, who are preparing to wed in March, are planning to have a child together — even though Heather, 34, has already suffered from two highly dangerous ectopic pregnancies, in which a fertilized egg lodges in the fallopian tube rather than in the uterus.

It is the leading cause of pregnancy-related death in the first three months of pregnancy and is especially dangerous for women over 30.

“Heather’s seen what a great dad Paul is and nothing would make her happier than making him a father again,” a show business insider told The ENQUIRER.

“But after the heartbreak of not one, but two, ectopic pregnancies during her first marriage — when she could easily have died — she knows the odds could be against her. Still, she’ll get the very best medical care and advice when the time comes, and she knows Paul is 100 percent behind her whatever happens.”

The couple are not talking officially about their plans, but Heather gave their secret away recently when she was spotted in a drugstore near the pair’s London home buying special prenatal vitamins aimed at women who want to conceive — and those already pregnant.

The beautiful ex-model was seen buying Pregnacare, a British multivitamin and mineral dietary supplement used to boost chances of having a healthy pregnancy, and folic acid, which reduces the risk of producing a baby with spina bifida.

And Paul also hinted at their baby hopes in a recent interview when he was quizzed about becoming a dad again. “I don’t know, I really don’t know — so that in itself is a bit of an admission!” he said.

But although Paul is guarded about his baby plans, friends say he is looking forward to building a family with Heather.

“Paul’s always been a real family man,” said one source. “He loves kids and he loves being a dad. Despite his millions and all his showbiz success, he says his kids are his proudest achievement.

“And Heather’s always dreamed of starting a family. At 34 she knows the clock is ticking, so marriage and a baby seem a natural step to her.”

The couple plan to wed in March before the start of Paul’s U.S. concert tour in April.