"700 Club" host and zealot-at-large PAT ROBERTSON ignites media firestorm, says divorcing a spouse with Alzheimer's is justifiable because it’s "a kind of death."

Beth Kallymer, Alzheimer’s Association director told AP that divorce is rare among couples where one partner is suffering from Alzheimer's.

"We don't hear a lot of people saying 'I'm going to get divorced,'" she said. "Families typically respond the way they do to any other fatal disease."

Robertson dropped the bombshell statement during a seg of "The 700 Club" where the one-time GOP presidential wannabe fielded questions from viewers.

 He was then asked what advice a man should give to a friend who began seeing another woman after his wife started suffering from the crippling incurable neurological disorder.

"I know it sounds cruel, but if he's going to do something, he should divorce her and start all over again, but make sure she has custodial care and somebody looking after her," Robertson said matter of factly.

Robertson, who is also the chairman of the Christian Broadcasting Network which airs The 700 Club, then said he wouldn't "put a guilt trip" on anyone who divorces an Alzheimer’s suffering  spouse.

"Get some ethicist besides me to give you the answer," he quickly added.

Traditional Christian theology cites Jesus' words according to The Gospel of Mark that says divorce and remarriage is akin to adultery – one of The Ten Commandments’ biggest no-nos.

Roberston’s cohost,Terry Meeuwsen,  asked him about marriage vows to care for each other "for better or for worse" and "in sickness and in health."

"If you respect that vow, you say 'til death do us part,'" Robertson said. "This is a kind of death."