Despite his unrepentant boozing Charlie Sheen  says he doesn’t have to join wife Brooke Mueller in rehab.

The Two and Half Men star who had a boozy, coke fueled Christmas from hell with the missus ignored his ‘sober minder" and then landed behind bars after a wild, wild night that Brooke says climaxed with a knife to her throat.

"He says he doesn’t have to go," a source close to the actor told

"He drank. But he says he didn’t drink that much."

But Charlie, who has been through rehab twice, not only drank, he had alcohol in his system at 8:30 am when Brooke called 911 on Christmas day.

"That’s because he was up partying with her at night," another source close to the situation told "And it’s no accident that he had a sober coach with him. He had a sober coach with him because he started drinking again and his friends and other people close to him are extremely worried."

Charlie is negotiating a new contract for his TV show and Team Sheen is terrified that a trip to rehab could hurt him financially.

Some reports have claimed he has been late to work but his reps deny that although they admit he left early one day recently and blamed it on "vertigo".

That’s fear of heights, Chaz.