Cops are investigating claims that Paris Hilton gave alcohol and marijuana to underage teens to “loosen them up” for her reality TV show, The National Enquirer can reveal.

Baltimore Police Detective Chris Schaeffer of the Central Drug Unit told The National Enquirer: “These are serious allegations. We will certainly be investigating them.”

The detective is planning to interview one of the teens claiming to be involved in the November incident.

The informant has described a wild night that included karaoke, dancing on a pool table and a spanking from a drag queen — all while the 24-year-old hotel heiress was in Maryland shooting The Simple Life: Interns. If found to be true, Paris could face a year in prison and a $1,000 fine on the marijuana charge. If she is found to have supplied alcohol to a minor, Paris could face another $500 fine.

Sources say Paris’ Simple Life costar Nicole Richie was not present.

The alleged incident involved Paris giving the teens whiskey at a restaurant. One of the teens claimed: “She loaded up myself and two other underage kids on shots of Jack Daniels to ‘loosen’ us up for the show.”

The accuser said Paris “tricked” staff at the restaurant into giving her alcohol, which she then gave to the kids. According to the teen, production staff on the show were furious with Paris.

The teen claimed that, on the way to a club, Paris pulled out a bag of pot and boasted that a rap star’s bodyguard had just given her the drug.

Using a highlighter pen modified into a pot pipe, said the teen, Paris “loaded it up and passed it to me, and another buddy. I had extreme paranoia for a few days after this smoke-out.”

The teen said the group sang karaoke while Paris danced on a pool table. “At the club, I was manhandled by the house drag queen, bent over the pool table Paris was dancing on, and was smacked on the ass by Paris and the queen.”

The third season of The Simple Life was based on Paris and Nicole working at internships. News reports show that Paris was photographed with an entourage when she visited the Baltimore club Grand Central and performed in a karaoke show.

A Paris pal told The National Enquirer: “If the allegations are true it’s because Paris probably didn’t think twice.

“When she was underage, she did whatever she wanted.”

A spokesman for Twentieth Century Fox, makers of The Simple Life, said: “This is patently untrue, Paris would never endanger the welfare of a minor. We would never tolerate such a thing. It is blatantly false.”