PARIS JACKSON has sparked family fears by going nuts over two drugged-out music legends who died tragically, say sources.

Paris' near-fixation with the late rockers KURT COBAIN and JIMI HENDRIX is said to be particularly upsetting to her grandmother KATHERINE.

The family matriarch has had custody of the 14-year-old wild child and her two brothers since their father MICHAEL's drug overdose death in 2009, and sources say she's now terrified the youngster might plunge into the nightmare world of substance abuse.

Paris has recently been tweeting incessantly about Cobain and Hendrix — who both died at age 27. Hendrix overdosed and drug-ravaged Cobain killed himself with a shotgun.

Both musicians paid homage to drug use in their songs, and in one tweet Paris wrote: "I pledge allegiance to…the rock legends of the world & to the rebellion, of which we stand, one nation…indivisible, with revenge & justice for all."

Paris has been heard shouting in her school, "Kurt F***ing Cobain," and "Jimi Hendrix rules," a family friend said, and her locker is plastered with tributes to the pair.

"While Katherine knows Paris is a good girl, she fears the teen is growing up way too fast and doesn't like her obsessing over those musicians," the family friend said.

Psychiatrist Carole Lieberman, who's not treated Paris but has closely followed the Jackson family, told The ENQUIRER: "Paris has had such a chaotic childhood. Her late father used to make her cover her face, and her mother has had nothing to do with her. These factors have to make her feel abandoned, which is reason enough for any child to be more vulnerable to temptations of drugs and rebellion.

"It's well-known that Michael battled substance abuse for years, and Paris could have inherited his genetic and psychological predisposition to drug addiction. No one wants to see her suffer the same fate as her father."