MICHAEL JACKSON’s elderly mother is having a tough time keeping the late singer’s three children in line – especially his gorgeous teenage daughter PARIS!

Nearly three years after the King of Pop’s untimely death, the Jack­son family matriarch Katherine, 82, is being tested by 14-year-old Paris, who recently posted a series of images of herself online, including one in which she was wearing a bikini.

The shocking images that were posted on the website have sparked a flurry of outrage on the Internet, with posters commenting that the teen is “growing up fast” and that she should be busy “reading a book” instead of parading around half-naked!

“While Michael’s will stipulated that his three kids be placed under the legal guardianship of his beloved mom Katherine, raising them and trying to keep them in line has turned out to be a trying task,” said a close source.

“Paris is a good smart kid and well-mannered, but she’s engaging in typical rebellious teenage behavior that is pushing her grandmother’s buttons.

“All the kids have been lectured about posting personal and candid photos of themselves on the Internet – but Paris seems to enjoy testing her grandmother’s patience.”