CANNES Film fest stars freak out as gunshots ring out!

 The shooting incident occurred from the live television broadcast of Le Grand Journal, a nightly news and entertainment program telecasting from the Cannes Film Festival.

The Hollywood Reporter says Inglorious Basterds star Christoph Waltz and Daniel Auteuil were being interviewed.

They were rushed offstage.

The telecast was halted until police took away the man.

After a small explolsion an eyewitness said police told the crowd to run. He said: "I thought I heard them say, 'Run, he has a gun.' "

According to security, no one was injured and blanks had been fired from a gun.

Canal Plus, which broadcasts the show, tweeted "incident near @GrdJournal is over, everyone is OK, #LGJ will be back on in a few moments."

First, jewelry had been looted from a safe as stars were forced to go blingless – now THIS – what's next?