Aging sex bomb Pam Anderson ignites Miami.
First she hit the Art Basel opener to support pal David La Chappelle, then it was off to posh Liv to wahoo her latest nudie-cutie spread in Ocean Drive mag.

Accompanied by PETA head Dan Mathews and La Chappelle, the ex-Baywtch babe and E-star seemed a tad wobbly on the red carpet.

Then Pammy hit the absinthe hard before liplocking thesp Stephen Dorff, witnesses told the NY Post. The blousy blonde finally passed out for a brief time after ditching Dorf.

Recovering, she hit up four more wild, wild parties before returning to the Fontainebleau Hotel at 11 AM the next morning with a mysterious young hunk "who was not Dorff," according to sources.

Wonder if her camera crew got all the naughtiness on tape for her E surreality show?

No doubt.