From out of dusty past of yesteryear, net porn pioneers Tommy Lee and Pam Anderson are doing yet another sequel.

Aging Mötley Crüe rocker Lee confirmed he and Pammy have returned to cohabitating in his palatial LA manse.

"Its awesome man," he drooled to Rolling Stone."It’s definitely working."

But if back story counts for anything they have a saga rivaling The Collected Works of Harry Potter.

In 1995, after knowing each other a scant 96 hours, they marry. 

Divorce in ’98 –  after two early attempts to splitsville were kayoed by conciliation.

Then jail time for Tommy Lee for spousal abuse after Anderson revealed the hard partying lothario had given the former Baywatch babe a little something called Hepatitis C.

And then there was that sex tape that makes the alleged video in the R. Kelly trial look like The Kinsey Report.

"We’ve only given it a try 800 times," Lee enthused. "801 here we go! .