Published on: April 22, 2013
Photography by: Getty

No, no NO! warn pals when SELENA GOMEZ reunites with horndog JUSTIN BIEBER.

Justin Bieber surprised fans over the weekend when he briefly posted a cozy photo of himself with ex-flame Selena Gomez on his Instagram account — as reveals the randy pic already has the actress and singer’s friends warning her to stay away from the Canadian pop mop.

Selena, 20, visited Justin, 19, at his tour stop in Oslo, Norway and aside from the incriminating photo he posted, eyewitness reports state the two were spotted holding hands, hugging and kissing.

“Selena’s friends are furious that she’s giving Justin another chance,” a source close to the Spring Breakers actress said.

“They’ve been trying to warn her that he’s no good for her and that she should stay away from him, but she just loves the attention he gives her.”

Biebs has since deleted the Instagram image.