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How a Canadian radio DJ hoaxed Gov. Sarah Palin by posing as French President Nicolas Sarkozy while sounding like Pepe Le Pew:

The Masked AvengersMarc-Antoine Audette of Montreal radio station CKOI faked out Sarah Palin for a six minute mock interview by starting at the bottom of the GOP VP Candidate’s staff and then working his way up.

“We started by calling the governor’s office in Alaska, and after that, we were transferred from one person to another,” Audette reveled to ABC.

When he finally reached the Alaskan power abuser, Audette, a French-Canadian, spoke English in a tres Peep Le Pew cartoon Parisian voice.

"You know, I see you as president one day, too," the prankster told Palin.

"Maybe in eight years," Palin replied.

Audette  admitted to Plain he liked to hunt as well and that they could "go hunting … so long as we don’t bring along Vice President Cheney."

"No. I’ll be a careful shot, yes," Palin replied

The faux French prez then said "From my house, I can see Belgium."

"Well, see, we’re right next door to different countries that we all need to be working with, yes,"  Palin responded.

“We are pretty proud of what we did," Audette said. LISTEN TO ACTUAL RECORDING (below):