Forget extreme sports – the most extreme sports maniacs are launching next Jackass flick in 3D!

With Paramoumt greenlighting a third installment of the macho muy macho Jackass, "Get ready to watch testicles being stapled in all their gory detail," screen bible Variety declared.

Thanks to big budget studio snaring mucho dinero with 3D spectaculars like My Bloody Valentine 3D and Monsters Vs. Aliens  low budget comedies and shock fests are ready for a piece of the cubist pie.

And Zombieland 2 is also heading for the third dimension too with sales of  3D home TVs looming sooner than you think.

"I don’t think you want to see Ordinary People in 3-D, " producer Gavin Polone said. "But Zombieland is clearly one movie that will benefit from (3-D)."

As will Jackass 3 – Paramount and MTV Films’ X-treme three-quel  begins lensing Jan. 25.

"The studio has carved out a spot on its 2010 slate for the latest Jackass, which will star Johnny Knoxville. The low-brow franchise has been something of a cash cow for the studio with the first two films — which together cost $16.5 million — raking in a combined $164.1 million worldwide," Variety reports.

"Though Par confirmed the new Jackass will be shot in 3D, Dickhouse Prods. declined comment about the technology the film will employ.

"Insiders say Dickhouse’s Jeff Tremaine, who will direct Jackass 3, is conducting camera tests this week to ensure that the footage will look good."