A terrified Ozzy Osbourne broke down in tears after his beloved wife Sharon, who’s fighting deadly colon cancer, collapsed and was rushed to the emergency room.

America’s most famous mom was rocked by a severe reaction to her chemotherapy treatments — and her devoted husband feared the end was near.

As doctors fought to revive his frail wife, an anguished Ozzy buried his head in her chest and told her, “I can’t live without you.”

The dramatic January 3 collapse came just three days after The ENQUIRER watched a joyful Sharon renew her wedding vows to Ozzy by celebrating their 20th anniversary with a New Year’s Eve ceremony and lavish party at The Beverly Hills Hotel.

But Sharon’s dream New Year turned into a nightmare when she passed out and was brought into Cedars-Sinai Medical Center about 7 p.m. Emergency room specialists quickly went to work.

“They put an oxygen mask over her face, hooked her up to an EKG machine, put an IV tube into her arm and began pumping drugs into her to try to revive her,” revealed an insider.

“They shined lights in her eyes to see if they could get any reaction. Her skin was jaundiced looking and I heard a doctor say, ‘This is a code yellow.’

“Medical staff kept moving Ozzy away from Sharon’s bed and he kept fighting to get back to her side. He was begging, ‘Sharon, open your eyes.’

“Sharon’s cancer doctor came rushing in, wearing jeans and a sweatshirt, and had a hurried consultation with the emergency room physicians treating her.

“He told them about the chemo medicine she had been taking. He looked very concerned.”

After doctors stabilized Sharon, they moved her to a private room where the feisty star began bouncing back to her old self.

An Osbourne spokesperson told The ENQUIRER: “Sharon overexerted herself on New Year’s Eve and it finally caught up with her a few days later. She’d become severely dehydrated. It’s a side effect of her chemotherapy.

“I spoke to her the next morning (January 4) — and she was already cracking jokes!”