Rocker Ozzy Osbourne isn’t going into a 12-step program — he’s stepping onto a running track to stay sober!

The MTV megastar admitted he had too much to drink on April 5 — and told wife Sharon he wanted to go back into rehab. But once Ozzy sobered up, he changed his mind!

“I’m not going into rehab right now,” Ozzy told The ENQUIRER. “I’m fine.

“What happened is that on Saturday I simply had one too many beers. It wasn’t like I’d f—ing polished off a bottle of Jack Daniel’s or something — I went out and got a 12-pack of Corona beer and simply had one too many.

“I got pretty loaded and I said to Sharon, ‘Look, I want to go into rehab.’ But, then again, every day I say that I want to go into rehab.”

In fact, Ozzy says he’s become a fitness freak.

“I’ve just finished running five miles around the UCLA track!” the wizard of Oz bragged. “I’m working out five days a week with a personal trainer.

“I’m in the best shape I’ve been in some time. I’m on the wagon now, officially. I feel great!”

In fact, he’s so high on exercise, he challenged an ENQUIRER reporter to join him on the UCLA track.

“Bring a photographer with you,” he said. “Then, you can see what kind of shape I’m in.”

The ENQUIRER accepted Ozzy’s offer and we’ll run photos from the workout in an upcoming issue.

But as for rehab, Ozzy laughed: “I’m not going into out-patient, I’m not going into in-patient. I’ve got no patience for this bulls–t.”