In a bizarre turn of events, LIZA MINELLI’s career has shifted into high gear after she appeared to be semi-coherent while hawking her fashion line on the Home Shopping Network!

Job offers flooded in after the 64-year-old star delivered a slurred and rambling pitch as she launched her Liza Collection on June 30.

Liza’s off-the-wall appearance on HSN has become a YouTube sensation.

"She’s already been presented with a reality show concept and a sitcom script with her playing a wacky grandma," said a source close to the legendary performer.

"Her handlers are comparing it to the recent resurgence of Betty White‘s career after she starred in a Snickers commercial.

"It’s the last thing Liza or her people expected, but they’re not complaining. They’re busy fielding offers."

During her on-air "meltdown," Liza seemed addled as she babbled on for two hours about her jewelry, sequined separates and signature flowing pants.

The Cabaret star – who’s won an Oscar, Grammy, Emmy and Tony – also rattled on about molding clay and her knee surgery, often repeating herself.

While sources close to Liza – who’s been in rehab at least four times – tell The ENQUIRER that she was not drinking during her HSN gig, celebrity Web sites went wild with boozy speculation.

"Drunk as a skunk," declared one poster at HuffingtonPost.com.

The Web site Zap2it.com wrote: "It’s just a real shame Liza’s team and the Celebrity Rehab folks couldn’t have worked out a way to get her on Dr. Drew’s show."

"Liza is a true original and her HSN appearance proved that," adds the source.

"She’d love to be in another film, do a reality show or host Saturday Night Live.  Clearly, she’s still kicking – she just needs a vehicle to showcase her uniqueness."