OSCAR-WINNING “Traffic” star Benicio Del Toro has suffered a nasty on-set injury and can’t work.

The hunky actor fell and broke his right wrist while shooting a scene in “The Hunted” opposite Tommy Lee Jones in Portland, Oreg.

“The break is so bad that Benicio won’t be back on the set for three weeks!” a set insider told The ENQUIRER.

“He’s such a trouper that after it happened, he begged the director to go on with the scene. But everyone knew it was serious and the crew rushed him to a local emergency room.

“Now he’s out while the bone mends and it’s incredibly frustrating to him. Benicio’s flown back to Los Angeles to have the wrist looked at by specialists — and he’s determined to get back as quickly as possible.”

This is the second work-related injury for the Puerto Rican heartthrob this year.

In “The Hunted,” Benicio Del Toro plays a trained assassin who starts killing civilians.

“Earlier this winter, Benicio suffered a bad burn on his hand while filming,” revealed a source close to the actor.

“He was rushed to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles where a specialist treated him.

“That time, he rushed right back and didn’t miss a day’s work.”