Iconic filmmaker Orson Welles’ daughters are furious at the depiction of their father in new Zac Efron film Me and Orson Welles.

The "Me" is Zac Efron’s character – a fan who idolizes the Mercury Theatre enfant terrible in his pre Citizen Kane days.

Orson’s eldest daughter, Chris Welles-Feder, attended the New York preem of the indie and she’s livid that her dad is depicted as not only a despot but as an adulterous womanizer who cheated on her pregnant mother!

" They took all the negative things and fashioned a character that’s a caricature," Chris told the NY Daily News.  "It’s laughable."

"It’s inconceivable my father would ever act as he did toward Zac Efron’s character," Welles-Feder said. "He was known for being kind to his actors."

Half sister, Beatrice Welles, often referred to as the Keeper of Orson’s Flame, refused to see the film – period.

We don’t know what either of them thought of Vincent D’Onfrio as Orson in the Ed Wood biopic especially since his voice was actually dubbed by Maurice LaMarche of Pinky & the Brain fame!

Pop FYI: The name of the fictional newspaper that Orson Welles character in Citizen Kane ran was The New York Inquirer!