The Bloom Is Off The Rose For Taylor Swift!

The Bloom Is Off The Rose For Taylor Swift! thumbnail

ORLANDO BLOOM is desperately trying to hook up with TAYLOR SWIFT, The National ENQUIRER has learned. 

Now the “Pirates of the Caribbean” star,37, has split with his wife Victoria Secret hottie model Miranda Kerr he’s been on the prowl – but pals say his heart is really set on Taylor – And now he’s moved into her Manhattan building as well.

“Orlando has been bombarding Taylor with text messages and phone calls, begging her for a date,” reveals a pal of the 24-year-old country sweetheart.

“But she’s been playing hard to get. “She’s flattered because she thinks Orlando is so sexy and, in normal circumstances, she would leap at the chance.”

But insiders say that the “You Belong with Me” singer is concerned that dating Orlando would destroy her friendships with Selena Gomez and Miranda Kerr, and is worried about being involved in a rebound romance. “She’s looking for a serious relationship,” said her friend. “She doesn’t want to be just another notch on his belt.”

Orlando and Selena set tongues wagging after they were spotted together in Los Angeles a few weeks ago. “Taylor knows that Selena is nuts about Orlando and wants to have a real relationship with him.

Yet all he seems to want to do is ask her about Taylor!” said the source. Making matters even more difficult, Taylor remains close with Miranda.

The Aussie beauty, who has a three-year-old son with Orlando, split with him last October.

Last year, when Orlando and Miranda were together, Taylor revealed she had the hots for the British star. “Oh gosh, he is so cute,” she squealed on her blog. “Major celeb crush!!”

Now Taylor’s singer buddy Ed Sheeran has stepped into the picture – playing Cupid.

“Ed is encouraging Orlando and Taylor to go on a date together,” divulged the source. “He thinks they would be a really cute couple.”

Now, Orlando has been an apartment into the posh Manhattan building where Taylot also maintains an address. Hrrrrm….?????