OPRAH & GAYLE: FITTY WAR without PITY thumbnail

OPRAH WINFREY is once again at war with BFF GAYLE KING – this time over Gayle’s flirtatious friendship with gangsta rapper 50 Cent!

Gayle, 56, met the 36-year-old rapper – nicknamed “Fitty” – at a charity benefit hosted by Bette Midler earlier this year, and the two hit it off immediately, sources told The ENQUIRER. “Sparks flew, so Gayle invited Fitty on her talk show,” a source said.

“It went really well, and the two quickly became Twitter buddies.” But Oprah feels betrayed by Gayle’s new friendship because the “Fully Loaded Clip” singer has twice publicly ripped into the TV titan and her talk show. And in a nasty dig, he even named his pet dog Oprah! Now the media mogul feels like she’s been “stabbed in the back,” the source revealed.

“She’s livid that the woman she expects absolute loyalty from is getting chummy with a bad boy who publicly mocks her.

“Oprah has been a longtime opponent of rap music that is violent and demeaning to women, and she con¬siders Fitty to be one of the worst offenders. Oprah hates him!

“She thinks his lyrics are degrading to all women, and Oprah can’t for the life of her figure out why Gayle would fall for him.”

Oprah, 57, grew even more incensed after Gayle texted her two adult kids a picture of her and 50 Cent together, noting that he could become their new “stepdaddy!”

“Then Gayle got a temporary tattoo of 50 Cent’s face and name on her left arm. Oprah thought Gayle had lost her mind,” the source added.

50 Cent, a former crack dealer from Queens, N.Y., whose real name is Curtis Jackson, has been shot numerous times and has sold millions of records with explicit lyrics that glorify a lawless lifestyle.

His war of words with Oprah began in 2006 when he criticized the daytime diva for not inviting him and other rappers to her talk show. He also accused her of catering solely to “older white women.”

“After everything Fitty has said about Oprah over the years, she doesn’t understand how Gayle could possibly be interested in being friends with him, let alone trying to pursue a relationship,” the show insider revealed.

“Oprah told Gayle she’s making a fool of herself by chasing around a man young enough to be her son.”