Oprah Winfrey addressed the allegations of abuse at her school Leadership Academy for Girls in South Africa during a press conference on Monday. “This has been one of the most devastating &#151 if not the most devastating &#151 experience of my entire life,” she said.

The media mogul vowed to make changes at the school and hold wrong-doers responsible for their actions. The first to get the ax will be the head mistress, whose contract will not be renewed. And according to reports, a dorm matron is currently facing up to 13 charges of indecent assault, assault and criminal injury committed against at least six students ages 13-15 and 23.

During a satellite news conference from the United States, Winfrey said there will be a massive shake-up so things like this will not happen again.

Winfrey, who has spoke openly in the past about how family members abused her when she was a child said, “What I know is that no one — not the accused nor any persons — can destroy the dream that I have held and the dream that each girl continues to hold for herself at the school.”